Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 33: The Struggle

Let's just get down to brass tacks here. I had a great weekend. Golfing, gamblin, horse racing, drinkin, and eating good food. I'm not ashamed to admit I made the most of it and it cost me a gain of roughly two pounds. I'm not totally sure of the actual weight gain because I had two flights yesterday and flying causes water retention which causes 'artificial' weight gain. Bottom line, I knew what I was getting into this weekend and I embraced it...and I'm not ashamed. Screw it.

The important part is whether or not I make it happen and get right back on the Quest for Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male. Will I answer the call or will I go right back into my cheese and crackers and wine and candy habit? Do not doubt me. Do not say "Ooohhhh there goes another person falling off the wagon and just throwing in the towel." I will show you the meaning of respect...I will prevail!

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