Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 35a: A Little Housekeeping

A few people have asked me what the deal is with my riding glasses and I've certainly gotten more than a few looks from serious bike riders on the SART when they go by me in the other direction. Yes, I know it looks like Ted Nugent and Randy "Macho Man" Savage's glasses had a one night stand and my glasses are their lovechild, but the story is much more simple than that. Back in the early 90's, my brother, who was an intern on a very famous TV show at the time, got free VIP tickets to the Long Beach Grand Prix so he took me. As part of the whole VIP package, I got to have breakfast with celebs, get behind the scenes, sit at the finish line in a private tent, and get a gift bag from all the sponsors. In the gift back was a pair of high end Revo sunglasses that were the bomb 20 years ago. To this day, I wear those glasses when I ride or when I'm doing work around the house that would cause dust to get in my eyes. No sense in dropping a benjamin when these babies work just fine.

Next, big news here, The Gut Chronicles has passed the 500 hit mark so I'm now officially bigtime. The Gut Chronicles appeal isn't limited to the U.S. either, I've had hits from Serbia, Malaysia, Germany, Columbia, Indonesia, and Argentina. I'm pretty sure the girl below is the one checking out The Gut Chronicles from Argentina...


  1. Ahem... I was an ASSISTANT at the time not an intern, thank you very much. The difference was I earned a paycheck for my 15 hour day, although along with the paycheck came golden handcuffs. Of course the handcuffs were imitation gold plated... from Zody's bargain bin.

  2. What you were is a guy in college with full access VIP tickets to a great sporting event surrounded by celebs and you didn't use it to get yourself some tail. What's wrong with you?