Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day ?: Back on Track

My apologies for being offline for the past few days. I was in Las Vegas trying my hardest to destroy all the hard work I've done over the last five weeks. Fortunately, when I got on the scale this am, the damage wasn't too bad so I'm holding steady at 10 pounds. Yesterday I had a massive workout and plan to do the same again today so if I can just avoid the snackage at night, I'm right back on track.

On another note, when I got home yesterday, I changed the tube on Serena's back tire. What a pain in the ass! Thank God for YouTube because I probably would've just had to throw my bike away without some of the awesome intructional videos. I won't be able to ride Serena tomorrow but on Thursday, I'm going to get back on her and take her back out on the SART. It'll be difficult for both of us since our last ride ended with Serena getting a flat and me hoofing it, but we will overcome our fears and make it happen!

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