Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Over Yourself Dipshit...

I'm at SFO waiting for what is sure to be an absolutely miserable commuter flight home and I noticed Granola Gretchen here decided it was a good time to do her Swiss chair squats (or whatever the f@ck it is she's doing) whilst reading what I'm sure is a riveting piece of feminist literature.  She keeps holding this stupid pose and pressing on her abs and doing breathing exercises while she reads. Little does she know, there's at least one person in the boarding area (me) who would like to kick her legs out from under her and take a leak on her stupid book just because she's such a moron. I spurn thee Granola Gretchen, I spurn thee like a rabid dog!


  1. Nice Rowan Atkinson quote.

  2. Geez, seems like Granola Gretchen is just multi-tasking!

    1. Yeah, I'll admit I was feeling mighty aggressive at the airport. My apologies for being a self righteous knob. I don't take it back that Granola Gretchen is a lamebot though...