Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mid Day Update...

Today for my lunch workout I planned to time myself running three miles.  Mark, an avid runner, was to be my pace man to keep me honest and worry about pace while I just lugged along like some kind of spastic turdbot (The Oxford dictionary will be adding turdbot in its 2013 edition).  I planned on taking the easy way out, hooking up the iPod and running on a treadmill in the nice climate controlled gym but Mark insisted we take to the SART and run like men. Yes folks, the SART isn't just for biking, you can do all sorts of things on it like bike, run, walk, spray paint, drink 40's of Olde English 800, and even live!

I haven't run in a few weeks and I've gotta tell you it wasn't pleasant but I was able to complete my three miler with a time of 28:22 (9:40 mile pace).  Mark was a big help in making sure I met my pace goal by offering me words of encouragement, told me to stay on his shoulder to keep close to my pace goal, and farting incessantly while making comments like "Ooof!  More tea vicar?" and "Mate, don't you worry, there's plenty more where that came from".  What a pal.  Overall I'm pleased I actually measured myself but its depressing that just two years ago I ran a half marathon at a pace of 9:06 so I've got my work cut out for me.

After sauna and shower time back at the gym (where Mark hopefully wiped his ass), I headed to El Polo Loco since I forgot my healthy lunch.  Yes, El Polo Loco is fast food but they do have a couple of healthy solutions that are quite tasty so I chose the 'Skinless Breast Combo' with no salad dressing.  Thus far, today has been a triumph so I'm feeling good about my progress.

El Polo Loco Skinless Breast Meal nutritional data.  Pretty freaking healthy for fast food:

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