Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Serious Business of Selecting a New Dodger Hat

Just before New Years, I took my old Dodger hat that I was convinced was bad luck for me and the Dodgers and I left it in San Francisco between the Ferry building and AT&T park in hopes that it would end the crappy luck for the Dodgers and bring bad tidings to the Giants.  Just as I planned, some kid came up and kicked the hat before I had even crossed the street so I'm sure by now, the bad vibes have spread throughout the city by the bay like a plague and this will be one of the worst seasons in SF Giants history.

Moving on to now...I wanted to let the bad vibes settle down so I didn't buy a new Dodger hat right away.  Well, since opening day is upon us and the great Magic Johnson has managed to put together a group to buy the LA Dodgers, I decided today was the day to channel all the positive vibes and get a new Dodger hat.

Real exercised be damned, this was serious business!

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  1. Very glad you found your beloved Dodger hat. When Daddy's happy, everyone's happy!