Friday, May 25, 2012

Midwest Rider

Just because I'm not currently riding my bike, that doesn't mean the global influence of the Gut Chronicles isn't going strong.  I just heard from my buddy Dave in Cincinnati that he's riding through some corn fields

Here's Dave, riding through the cornfields of the Buckeye State.  He's 20 miles into his ride and he's got no tire kit.  That's Dave for you, living on the mother freaking edge!  Dave's not worried though because Dave's a man's man.  Dave shoots deer, builds things, and takes pride in the damage he does to Starbucks restrooms throughout this great land of ours.  Knowing Dave, if he gets a flat, he'll fashion a tire out of corn husks, slaughter some wild beast and use its still warm lungs as a makeshift air pump to inflate his corn tires.  Dave cannot be stopped.

Here's Dave eyeballing some cows.  Those cows better watch out!  If Dave gets hungry, he might just eat one of them and I don't even want to discuss what might happen to one of those cows if Dave gets horny!

Ride on Dave!  Ride ON!

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