Friday, July 20, 2012

Its Pronounced Keen-WAAAH But Its No Kung Pao!

I'm having some quinoa salad for lunch today since yesterday I feasted on Kung Pao chicken and chow mein.  The quinoa salad is refreshing and healthy and very affordable at Coscto if you want something you can have on the go.....awww shit, who am I kidding here, lets talk about that Kung Pao chicken!

Seriously, who invented Kung Pao chicken?  If that person never won the Nobel prize for kickass, then we have a serious problem with our society.  All my Asian friends (including my wife) make fun of me for digging the Kung Pao.  "Oh...its not REAL Chinese food" and "Yuk, how can you eat that crap??".  I guarantee you, every one of those naysayers secretly craves the Kung Pao.  Who gives a flying fuck if it's not real Chinese food.  Do the Germans criticize us because Frankfurters aren't real German food?  Do the Danish criticize people who like Hagen Daz even though its from New Jersey?  Do the people of Caprica criticize others because their double latte frappucino half caf with cold soy and chai drinks weren't actually made by Lieutenant Starbuck?  Hell freaking no they don't!  So why do my Asian friends criticize my love of Kung Pao?  Its because Kung Pao is awesome, they know it, and they want to eat it without shame the way I do.  So there...its settled, Kung Pao rules.

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  1. Funny...I want to kung pao you right in the ass.