Monday, July 23, 2012

Porking 101

Hahahahahah...I'm so clever!  When you saw the title of this post called 'Porking 101', you probably thought you were going to see graphic photos or video showing me demonstrating the fine art of 'coitus', and then you saw that it was a photo of a pork loin and you were all 'DANG!'  Fooled you!  LOL and all that other stuff web douchers say.  (I hate myself)

Ok, on to the business of business.  Over the past several days, the family and I have been eating the same pork loin I grilled on the rotisserie attachment of my Grand Turbo BBQ.  I made that five pound monster and fed five adults and two kids with it, then had it over fried rice the next day, then the wife and I had it for dinner last night, and finally the wife and I had the same pork loin for lunch today.  The best part is, I still have a good two pounds of pork loin left over that I'll be consuming soon and the delicious pork loin only costs about three bucks a pound (or maybe less, I'm not a Harvard economist...).  So in today's tough economic times, pork loin is the way to go!

What's that you say?  You say "but its pork and pork isn't good for you!"  Well that's where you're wrong my friend.  As hard as it is to believe, it turns out that pork comes from the same animal that makes bacon and most sausages (scientists call them 'pigs') but what's even more odd is that pork LOIN is actually very good for you.  A three ounce serving of pork loin is 22 grams of protein and only 120 calories.  On top of that, there's other good stuff in it too....check it out:

Point being, pork loin is good and its good for ya and it's an inexpensive meat.  EAT PORK LOIN NOW!

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