Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Strikeout

Today I figured would be a good day to go out, run around with the kids, and get some exercise (albeit light exercise) while getting the family involved.  Of course, as part of this grand adventure that ended up being the most vanilla Saturday ever, I brought along my trusty iTouch to document.

You might be asking yourself why the hell I'm posting this.  My reasons are as follows:
1.  For some strange reason, this amuses me
2.  If Wes Anderson can make a good living charging people nine bucks to watch two hour long movies that are self indulgent, largely about nothing, but still somehow interesting, I can post 11 minutes of the same for free on YouTube.

Don't worry though, this video is a great work of cinematography.  It's got action sports, conspiracy, family values, walks down memory lane, and a big finish that will leave you asking yourself 'Why would someone ruin the internet with this 11 minutes of blandness...'

Last but not least, in the spirit of the blog, there is exercise and nutrition involved (as in not enough exercise and eating too much).



  1. Very strange that it was so empty. Maybe Sunday 10 am - 2 pm when the farmer's market and food trucks are supposedly there is when it rocks? Love how Akemi is a mini me of her Mom. Both stare you down with the same look. :-)

  2. This was so funny I was crying. Bless you, strange internet person.

    1. And blessings to you too unknown person from a far off land!