Friday, July 6, 2012

What Is Awesome and Rhymes With "Blew Thundred Hounds?"

Hey..who snuck that camera in while I was doing the bench?

The answer awesome bench  press today.  For the first time since college, I was able to throw up over 200 pounds on the bench (205 to be exact).  So I may eat and drink too much, I may have no job, I may be totally delusional in thinking that the world is my oyster right now, but at least my bench is improving! Suck on that!

Other than the fact that my pipes are like coiled steel and impervious to modern weapons, not too much interesting happened today other than I ate a quinoa salad for lunch and had a chihuahua chase me while I was riding Serena home from the gym...after I benched 205 pounds.

For anyone out there who actually gives a fuck, the workout I did today was the 'Body For Life' workout developed by Bill Phillips.  So the 205 pound bench was six reps at the tail end of a 12 rep set at 130, a 10 rep set at 140, and then 8 at 175...which led to me setting a new world record.

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