Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day One....

So, after a weekend of eating like a pig and drinking more wine than Baccus himself, I did the unthinkable on day one of my quest, I got on the scale. I'm not going to post the obscene number that I saw when I sucked my gut in so I could see the scale, but lets just say I have my work cut out for me.

I was hoping to get off on the right foot and just make a good effort. Here are today's stats:

Fitness - upper body weight training, lots of stretching, and running around on a soccer field for an hour coaching my kid's soccer game (soccer game is a lightweight thing, but I actually went to the gym too, so screw you if you want to judge)

Food -

Breakfast - half a cup of cottage cheese and a peach

Lunch - three slices of lean pork loin and one small plum

Snack- one tube of string cheese

Dinner - chicken breast, onion, and asparagus (stinky piss, here I come)

Two very large cups of coffee

4.5 litres of water throughout the day.

I'd say I'm off to a rip roaring start but I have to admit, my wine is calling my name. I can hear it now saying "Jon-O, please come drink me...". I shant, I will resist.

I'll be biking to work in the morning.

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