Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day something...homeward bound!

Yesterday was nuts. I didn't exercise but I was on my feet for five hours straight, in a suit, in 93 degree weather at 80% humidity. I had to eat when I could so I'm sure calorie consumption was low, but I'm not too sure about the nutritional value of the chow. Among other things, I consumed:

Raw eel
Eel skin
Raw monkfish liver
Some small whole fish that's name means 'shiny eyes'
Raw red clam
Raw regular clam
RawSea urchin
Raw squid
Raw tuna
Raw white fish
Raw sperm glands of 'a big fish' (nearly barfed on that one)
About 70 gallons of sake and seven or eight dozen beers.

I'm sure all of this will come shooting out of my ass at 35000 feet today.

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