Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Putting the Work In Biznatch!

Now that there is a proper weight room and today, I had me a proper workout.  The metal was blaring on the speakers, there weren't any jerkoffs in the weight room, and I was motivated dawg!  I looked like one of the homies who is on the tail end of pulling a double nickle at Lompoc and he spent his entire time getting his reps in the yard.  The weight was flying, the pipes were working, and everything was firing on all cylinders.  Today was possibly the greatest workout any human has ever had.  If I was a knight, my name would be Sir Lats-O-Lot.  If I was a Japanese monster, I'd be Curlzilla.  If I was a super hero, they'd call me Max Iron.  If elected pope, I'd be known as Pope Trapezius IV.  If McDonalds named a sandwich after me, it would be the McBench.  If I were a Korean dictator, my people would call me Kim Jong HUGE.  I think you get the point.

Side note....unfortunately I got to see something I need to put in the 'Could have gone my whole life without seeing that' file when I walked in on naked guy doing sit-ups in the steam room.  Felt like saying "Training for the teabagging olympics there champ?"

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