Friday, January 6, 2012

Well Who's That Good Lookin Fella?

I didn't have any fantastic photos of anything today so I took a photo of me in the parking lot after my workout at lunch.  If you're asking yourself why I look like some d!ckwad who needs a hair cut and looks like he just had something very large shoved up his ass, its because I do need a hair cut and I did a massive lower body workout that left me feeling like something very large was violently used not inside, but in the area of my buttocks.

I had a good week this week in terms of nutrition and workout in spite of traveling to Seattle.  Yes, I had myself a few beers and some wine, but other than that, I was a rock of excellent eating and I got my workouts in so I'm feeling like a champ who's on the road to victory.  While I'm feeling bullish about sticking with it this time, I haven't gotten on the scale yet because I fear the number that shows up will be depressing and that would be counterproductive so I'm going to give it a couple of weeks so I can feel like the champ that I am.

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