Friday, February 10, 2012

Backup Plan

I'm planning on hitting the beach with the kids on Sunday and since Serena is down for the count, I had to go with plan B which is my trusty old Diamond Back mountain bike circa 1991.  She ain't much to look at now, but back in the day, this baby was a sweet ride.  This vintage ride has been with me through four moves and a divorce and even though one of the pedal cages is held together with grocery store twist ties and it's nearly impossible to change gears, it still gets the job done.  I planned to unload the ol Diamond Back in a garage sale we'll be having in a couple of weeks on one of the locals for fifteen bucks so I figure its fitting to get on and ride one last time for old time's sake.  Check out the quality craftsmanship of my personal repair work below...

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