Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is mainly for my co-workers but it applies to anyone who knows me.  If you see me riding my bike, DO NOT HONK YOUR FREAKING HORN!  Yeah, I know its amusing "Hey, look at the big man on his bike!!!" and you honk and wave trying to be all friendly but there's a problem with this.  YOU are driving a motor vehicle and I am riding a bicycle.  Your 15 ton SUV is public enemy number one to me when I'm on my bike so you honking your horn is the equivalent to a shark suddenly jumping out of the water two feet from your face when you're swimming in the ocean and yelling "HEY BUDDY!  HOW'S THE WATER!!!!".  Sweet f*ck it scares the shit out of me when people honk and wave.  STOP IT.

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