Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Greatest of All Time

Its been a few days since I updated the ol' Gut Chronicles and the reason for that is...well, I've been lazy.  I had a rough week and I took yesterday off to volunteer for a fundraiser so there was no updating. 

Fortunately, while I was away, I became re-acquainted with my old pal Wii Baseball (score this a.m. above).  I thought since Wii baseball is about the only exercise I've had in three days, it would be good to mention something about it and that something is that I am the greatest player in history.  Let me explain...

A skill level of over 1000 makes you a Pro in Wii baseball.  You'll note from the photo below that my skill level is not only Pro, its like Pro times infinity plus one.

No, quit rubbing your eyes, you're not seeing things.  My skill level is literally off the charts, in fact, its even above the words 'skill level' which is fitting because my god-like abilities at Wii baseball are beyond anything that could be described as 'skill', they are in fact, a gift...a blessing from the heavens.

I'm admittedly not a great video game player nor do I devote a large amount of time to 'gaming' as its called but for some reason, my desire to play anything baseball (actual baseball, softball, whiffleball, and yes, even video game baseball) has never diminished.  For some reason, the fire for baseball has burned within me since I was a lad and that fire only grows stronger with age.  I can this be?  How can anyone be so great at something?  The answer is, I don't know, I just am.

Even as a wee lad I remember going to my friend Sheldon's house and playing Odyssey Baseball (above) on his Magnavox Odyssey, a technical wonder at the time.  I could play Odyssey baseball for hours and I kicked ass at that one too.  As I grew older and the world entered the PC age, I spent hours kicking ass at Earl Weaver Baseball (below)

Earl Weaver baseball had an added dimension in that it kept stats for your players...which allowed me to obsess even more.  And that brings us to today...Wii Baseball and me being the greatest player in the world.

One might question the validity of my 'Greatest in the World' claim but I've looked online this morning and have found two people claiming skill levels just over 3,000 and some dude who posted a video showing his skill level at 2,719.  Let me address these in order:

  •   Both people claiming over 3,000 are liars and losers.  Pictures or it didn't happen buddy...nice try. 
  •   Dude who posted a video of his 2,719 score - First off, you'll note that his skill level is a scant 68 points higher than mine so really, its not that big of a deal.  Next, when watching the videos, I noticed this cretin had all sorts of cables coming out of his old TV and the video was all shaky like he was playing with himself or something while it was being filmed.  Bottom line, this guy's video can be compared to the Patterson Gimlin video of Bigfoot.  Shaking camera, all kinds of stuff going on, seems really old, just too much questionable stuff to be taken totally seriously so we can't call it 'official documentation'
Long story short, you can see from the photos above that I truly am the greatest Wii Baseball player in the world in spite of three claims on the web that are dubious at best.  So bow down and worship your master!

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  1. ... and so humble you are in your greatness! I'll be over in a bit to beat you! haha (Bitty)