Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Actual Biking Stats....

I dug up the old Polar GPS watch this morning and set it to bike mode so I could check my speed on the ride in to work.  Don't laugh, but I was impressed with my average speed of 15.5mph.  On the surface that's not flying like Lance but when you consider that nearly two miles of my six mile ride were through neighborhoods, that's some pretty fancy riding baby!

On another good note, I'm starting to get the family more and more into riding instead of driving on weekends.  We actually made a family ride to Target so the kids could pick up Valentine's cards for their classmates.  The wife got some food and cleaning supplies on top of the Valentine's cards so I had a full load on Serena for the ride home.  We're saving the earth by riding our bikes to the store to buy cheap and unnecessary Chinese goods made in sweatshops that have inhumane working conditions.  Wait what?

On the weight loss side, this weekend was a disaster from Friday through Sunday but hey, it was Superbowl weekend and I've proven that when it comes to food and drink, I'm weaker than Wes Welker's alligator arms so who cares.

Side note, I'm thinking about upgrading my ride to something like the one pictured above.  Sexy and it goes with the part of town I live in.

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