Friday, February 24, 2012

Stand And Deliver!

As if life isn't hard enough, I got an email from Captain Tim yesterday telling me that I need to watch out on the SART during my daily commute because there are hooligans taking people down and robbing them on the very stretch where I ride.  Supposedly over the past couple of months there have been groups of guys (three) lying in wait on the SART, jumping unsuspecting cyclists, grounding and pounding said cycling victims, and then stealing their bikes and gear.  Not to worry though, last week the Santa Ana Police Department reported that they had conquered evil:
"During the past two months there have been several robberies on the Santa Ana Riverbed in Santa Ana between 17th Street and Edinger. The robbers mostly target lone riders, usually between 6PM and 8PM. The good news is that on Sunday, February 6th, three of the robbers were caught. We showed their photos to some of the other victims who identified them as being responsible in multiple robberies. SAPD is confident that the primary robbery suspects are in custody. That said, the riverbed borders several gang territories, so riders should use appropriate caution and when possible, ride in pairs during evening hours."

Awesome work guys!  Wait...what's that?  We have late breaking news!  According to, just a little over a week ago:
"...on a Saturday afternoon (this is bold) at 2:30 pm a rider was knocked down by three guys at the 1st undercrossing. He was beaten and robbed of his bike, iPhone, and gear bag. His bike was a brand new Trek Madone. It seems these criminals use a spotter to ID expensive bikes and call ahead to tip off their partners in crime"
What is this, 18th century France or something where roving bands of highwaymen beat and rob weary travelers?  What kind of crap is this?

On another note, good thing SAPD is doing its normal great work  Reminds me of a time several years ago when my car was stolen from in front of my house.  I was told by SAPD that I had to file a police report over the phone because nobody was hurt and they don't have time to actually show up for every crime.  Reminds me of all the spray paint I see all over the place too that nobody ever seems to stop even though said spray paintings look like they took more time to complete than the Sistine Chapel.  And my neighbors who report being burglarized.  Oh yeah, and all the other stuff that goes in in our fine city.

I'm not saying our boys in blue suck royal balls, but each and every day when I ride the SART, I see people drinking booze, large groups of guys spray painting, menacing dudes just hanging out, and all manner of criminal activity.  The fact is, I could throw a rock and hit someone involved in criminal activity on the SART just about every day.  The fact that SAPD caught three dudes who mugged people and crowed about it is pretty pathetic.  The fact that they have a clearly defined area where people are being mugged in broad daylight and SAPD acknowledges that the area is surrounded by 'SEVERAL' gang territories means they know there is a very high concentration of criminals right there....yet the criminals feel confident enough to take people down in broad daylight.  Nice work boys...nice work.

I'm guessing the SART robbers don't look as dashing as Adam Ant in his Stand and Deliver video

Looks like its time for me to go full Chuck Norris on people and set things right on the SART for the 2nd time this year (You'll remember that earlier in the year my presence on the SART caused the homeless serial killer to move a bit north and make a mistake which led to his capture).  You're welcome Santa Ana Police!  Now that you've got me doing the heavy lifting, maybe you can catch the person who keeps spray painting giant dicks on my neighbors cars. Geeeez

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  1. Add to that what I suspect is under-reporting of crime by not actually filing a police report when someone calls them. Three such incidents this week that didn't show up on Nice way to tip the stats!!