Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Badness


I realize its March Madness right now and since its been raining all weekend long and I likes sports and whatnot, I thought it would be cool to do an update to the ol' Gut Chronicles that was basketball centered.  So when I went to search for a basketball image I realized that my page views go up when I have some sexiness on the site so I searched for 'hot basketball girl' and this photo of some sexy Asian gal with big cans throwing out the first pitch came up in the millions of pictures and everyone knows that if there are two things I like, its baseball and sexy Asian gals with big boobies so....she had me at konichiwa!

Wait a minute?  What was I doing again?  Oh yeah, there's a college basketball tourney going on and, even though I know nothing about college hoops I'm doing pretty good so here are my pics for the remainder of the day since I will not be riding and I certainly won't be eating healthy:

N. Carolina (-9.5) vs Creightion - North Carolina is a cool place and Creighton is in Omaha which is a city that I think of as nothing more than a place I have to go so I can get to the casinos at Council Bluff's, Iowa.  Take North Carolina -9.5

Xavier (-4) vs. Lehigh - My buddy Dan got his MBA at Xavier.  It's St. Patrick's Day weekend and that means people sing 'Oh Dany Boy'.  Lehigh is in Pennsylvania and ugly chicks come from PA.  Take the Xavier Musketeers -4

Florida State (-2.5) vs Cincinnati - My buddy Dave lives in Cincinnati.  Florida State is the home of Jenn Sterger.  Jenn Sterger is the attention whore who made it so I had to hear about stupid Brett Favre's pecker for months on end a while back so I can't stand Jenn Sterger and therefore Florida State sucks.  Take Cincinnati +2.5

South Florida (-2) vs Ohio - Ohio is a total Cinderella team and they'll probably get stomped but I don't care, take them anyway.  Ohio +2

There are other games but I'm hungry.

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