Thursday, March 22, 2012

Someone Needs to Hit the Reset Button

I got on the scale this morning and realized the number is creeping up and by creeping up, I mean skyrocketing.  I've been a complete lazy swine for the past couple of weeks and I'm paying for it.  My diet has consisted largely of wine, Triscuts, cheese and Circus Animal cookies.  Speaking of the Circus Animals...what the f*ck are those things anyway?  I just realized last night as I was downing a handful that they're not even food.  Look at them?  Sweet mother of crap what am I putting into my system?

Yes indeed folks, its time to do a full reset.  I looked back on the early stages of the Gut Chronicles and I was on a serious roll, now I'm just a lazy blob with a cold who's feeling sorry for himself.  Its time to start getting at it and posting stats again.


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