Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Behold, the bounty of my quinoa stash!

Upon reading my alarming post about skyrocketing quinoa prices and looming shortages of this Bolivian food of the gods, the wife went out yesterday and topped off our supply of quinoa just in case the shit hits the fan!  Check it out folks, that's four pounds of high quality, organic, quinoa from the Bolivian highlands, a virtual lifetime supply.  Last night we decided to dip into our stock of the red quinoa to give it a try and it was darn good.

Here's the wife mixing up a batch of red quinoa for the family to feast on.  Deeeeelish!

There it is, the finished product.  Rotisserie chicken, peas and corn, yam and parsnips, and a healthy dose of red quinoa to nourish the temple that is my body!  Yes folks, the quinoa stock is strong at my compound but before any of you get all crazy thinking you're going to raid my stash, just know that I've got a semi-accurate bb gun and the will to use it!  Stay the f*ck back!

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