Friday, May 11, 2012

National Bike Month Update

As I've mentioned before, May is National Bike Month so to support this auspicious occasion, I tried to bike as much as possible over the last week.  For instance, in the past six days, I've only been INSIDE a car two times (haven't driven) and have traveled less than five miles total via automobile.  Everything else has been on my glorious bicycle, Serena.

Over the past six days I estimate I've traveled over 70 miles on my bike.  70 miles seems like a lot to me but when you consider the average stage in the Tour de France is roughly 100 miles and those juiced up freaks do a stage nearly every day, I guess its not all that much.  Screw them though, they're all cheating drug users so my 70 miles in a week is awesome...far superior to the Tour de Farce.

Other interesting facts about my week of cycling:

  • Showers taken - 23
  • Pairs of jeans worn - 2 (yeah, you read that right..only two)
  • Gallons of nut sweat generated - 43.8
  • Times I've stood up from a seated position and said "Whoooaaa Nelly m'legs are sore" - 9,823
  • Number of bugs consumed - 51
For those of you who are interested, as part of National Bike Month, next week is Bike to Work week so I expect to see all of you out there riding like the wind.

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