Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aloha Day 3: Lessons in Golf

Here I am on day 3. Time for the final round of the trip. I'm in 2nd place in both the individual contest and the team contest so I'm looking to bring it all home with a good round.

Overall I feel pretty good...back's a bit stiff and my calf muscles are a tad sore but I do have one troubling issue:  underwear selection.

I can't stress to you folks enough the importance of proper underwear selection when golfing. This morning, I wasn't thinking straight and I just grabbed any old pair of skivvies. The pair I am wearing today, after playing 54 holes in two days, is a bit too snug in the 'zone'. After all the walking and sweating I'll be doing today, I have a strong feeling my taint's going to look like a piece of ahi sashimi by the time my round is finished. I'm going to have to try to minimize my walking and do constant junk adjustments while I play. Wish me luck.

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