Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breakfast is Served

There she is folks, about a gallon of something the wife mixed up for me in the Vitamix 5200 this am.  So far this week has been great on the exercise front and much better than average on the nutrition and sleeping front.  Oddly enough, that means I've lost about three pounds in two days.  Strange how that works isn't it?

Today's pretty much going to be a bust because I've got this three hour shindig end of the year award ceremony at my kids' school and I'm taking one of them to lunch after that.  I may try to do an afternoon hyper-ride on Serena followed by swimming with the kids to at least get some exercise in.  At some point I should also try to look for a job too...but who wants to do that?

Btw, don't laugh about swimming with the kids as exercise.  Swimming with my kids is something like a combo between an MMA fight, trying to escape from a piranha attack, being drowned, and doing power lifting.  Its no joke.

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