Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Special!

Recently a few people have commented that they'd like more videos on the Gut Chronicles and in particular, they'd like more videos featuring my zany kids.  I'm a man who likes to please his audience so I decided yesterday to try a video of me, doing a radical running flip into the pool while encased from armpit to calf in four of the floating rings pictured above.  I did two trial runs and my kids said it was 'stupid' and 'a dud' and since I hurt my eye on the second attempt, I decided to scrap that video idea (Hey, it was physical fitness, just in a more free form way).

That takes us to this morning, Father's Day 2012.  My wish for Father's Day was to get up early and go on a family bike ride to my favorite breakfast joint.  The wife and kids indulged me and by 7:15am, we were off on our adventure.  Enjoy the video.  (side note, if you open this and say to yourself "That crazy dipshit actually posted a 10 minute long video of him and his family riding to and eating breakfast???" The answer is..  Yes, yes I did)


  1. Love the fact you are busting the kids ass about eating a half a pack of raw sugar as you just put down 4 gallon of gravy and chicken fried steak.

  2. Why so judgmental? There's still hope for my girl, I'm a lost cause.