Monday, July 16, 2012


I realized after I saw some video of me this weekend that my five weeks of an unemployed life of excess are taking their toll on my gut and getting on the scale this morning confirmed as much.  I've gotten so large, that I'm in talks with some movie studios about an action film dedicated to me called 'The Not So Hunger Games', where my character "Largeness Gravyspleen" battles eclairs, bacon, and cheeseburgers to the death armed only with his bow that shoots hot dogs that boomerang around and go right back into his mouth.  Yes, the eating must stop.

This morning I did a seven mile ride on the SART to the gym, followed by an upper body workout, followed by a seven mile ride on Serena to get back home.  The above photo was my breakfast, a whole fresh peach, and a scoop of banana protein powder thrown into the Vitamix 5200 with ice.

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