Thursday, August 23, 2012

Help From Mrs. Beast Mode

This morning I did my ride to the gym, herculean upper body workout, and ride home routine.  It was a normal morning and I was feeling good about myself for going strong in Beast Mode.  As if the morning wasn't already good enough, I walked into the kitchen to make my protein smoothie and found the following:

That's right, before my wife took the kids to the beach for the day, she left a note on the refrigerator door of approved Beast Mode Snacks.  If that wasn't enough, I opened the refrigerator to get my spirulina and saw this inside:

Yes, the little woman even made me a Beast Mode style lunch so I would be sure to stay on track.  That's the kind of support a guy needs when he's trying to drop 40 pounds and get in shape.  Yes, some might take these notes as a clever way for the wife to tell me I'm a big fatass but not me, I'll take it at face value and roll with it.  The salad was awesome for the record.

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