Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Apologies

It has been brought to my attention that I've been falling down on the job in regards to my Gut Chronicles duties and for that I am truly sorry.  Let me give you an update:

  • Still looking for a job.  It's slow going but I'm sure something will come along any day now for a seasoned professional such as myself.
  • Weight loss is still at 20 pounds.  I'll admit it, I've slacked a bit on beast mode but I'm back on track.
Today was a treadmill day for me and I've gotta admit, getting on the treadmill and running your ass off is a good way to clear the head and get yourself moving for the day.  See the people in the photo above?  Well that's not me on the treadmill.  My treadmill vibe is blasing 'Search and Destroy' on the iTouch, running as hard as I can (slowly), and sweating like a pig while I huff and puff my way through the workout.  It's torture but its good.


  1. Lol, don't we all wish that we looked like that picture when we did our workouts? Keep up the good work though. You're miles ahead of those who don't exercise at all.

    1. Seriously, those people aren't even sweating. I sweat more than that when I sleep!

      Thanks for your encouragement Emma Green (if that's your real name) wishes to you wherever you are.