Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 14: Back on Track

OK...the trip to Japan and the Napa weekend are over so its time to go full speed ahead again. Here's yours truly this am, on the SART, looking worn out and white. I felt like a pile of dog doo this morning and was about 70% sure I'd soil my spandex on the ride into work, but after I got going, I was feeling good and my bowels stopped threatening to unleash.

On the ride in, I saw that the cops were busting up the hobo shantytown under the McFadden bridge. Homeless dudes were wandering around yelling curses into the air and teenage boys (presumably juvenile delinquents) were wearing hazmat suits and cleaning up all the disgusting hobo trash and whatnot. After that, I almost introduced some a$$hole's pug to my foot because that little ankle biter was growling and getting up in my business. Luckily for the pug, he backed off just in time. As a side note, I never can understand why anyone would want a pug. Those are some ugly dogs and they all have that gross protruding anus that just looks you straight in the eye when they're walking away. Horrible breed the pug, should be eradicated from the planet.

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