Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 10: Napareeno

There he is folks, the man, the legend making it happen on an early am four mile run in downtown Napa, CA. I didn't work out yesterday (it was either too early or I was too drunk) so I knew I needed to get my ass out of bed and put some pavement under my feet. It's a brisk morning here but overall the run was great and I'm feeling good. I had intended to get back in bed after my shower, but the soap at the inn where we're staying has menthol or something in it so the minute that stuff hit 'Big Jim and the twins', I was wide awake and I'll probably have a spring in my step the entire day.

Yesterday was a day to enjoy myself and I did. However, in spite of the fact that I drank too much wine while tasting and hanging out, I'm feeling great about what I didn't do. I didn't snack on chips all day long, I had a healthy lunch, I didn't freak out anytime I saw snacks that looked good to me and chow down on them, and I had no sugary drinks whatsoever (which is probably why I'm posting to my blog instead of sitting on the toilet blowing my a$$hole out and nursing the worst hangover ever right now). So overall, I had a blast but toned it down from my normal Napa experience. Today I'll be doing a limo tour of a bunch of wineries and eating out but I'll try to do the same thing as yesterday and pass on all the extra stuff.

Food journal from yesterday:
Breakfast - eggwhite scramble with lean ham and some apple
Lunch - Turkey swiss sandwich on sourdough with sprouts, onion, and pickles
Snacks - zero
Water - roughly two litres (should have way more water than that)
Dinner - Margharita pizza appetizer, salume plate, pasta carbonara. So yes, I completely blew it on dinner but it was f*cking good so shoot me!
Booze - lots of wine tasting and two beers.

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