Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 23: Cookie Challenge Bested!

Here's me this morning, getting ready to ride into work!

Truth be told, I didn't ride into work this am because me legs are tired and I've got some serious chaffing going on in the undercarriage. So, ultimately I decided to give the SART a break. One thing I did notice yesterday on the SART is that the senoritas are out in full force trying to tone it up on the SART. Many of them look like they're built for hard labor, but still, I'm proud of the female patrons of the SART, its nice to have something to look at other than hobos and guys who take bike riding more serious than life itself.

As far as last night goes, I had zero cookies and zero cake (the wife baked) so I'm proud of myself. On the bad side, in order to stop myself from indulging in baked goods, I had a fair amount of vino. Oh well, the French live forever so it can't be all that bad.

Food journal from yesterday:

Breakfast - Cottage cheese and peaches
Snack - handful of almonds
Lunch - Turkey breast stuffed bell pepper
Dinner - 4% lean ground beef patty with a small amount of swiss cheese and grilled veggies
Extras - three glasses of red wine (read to mean a whole bottle)


  • 7 mile ride to work on the SART

  • 20 minutes of inense interval training on the treadmill at lunch followed by stretching and light ab work

  • 7 mile ride home on the SART

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