Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 25: The Funk Has Hit Me!

As seen in this highly artistic photo I call 'Train Tracks to Nowhere', It was a lonely and dreary morning on the SART.

When I woke up this morning, I felt completely unmotivated to ride in to work. Luckily, my lovely wife's gentle motivation gave me the lift I needed to climb in the saddle and ride like the wind. The conversation was as follows:

Me (laying in bed being lazy): "I don't think I'm going to ride in this morning"
Wife (with a look of surprise on her face): "WHY NOT?!?"

The translation of my wife's comment was "Hey chubby, get your fat ass out of bed, get on that bike of yours and pedal yourself to work!" Fair enough, just because I don't wanna doesn't mean I shouldn't.

Soon after I started my ride, I saw some gal walking her Paris Hilton style dog. Normally this wouldn't be anything to write about, but said gal was wearing nothing but a t-shirt (I'm guessing she had undergarments on as well). Seeing t-shirt wearing dog walker chick was awesome but the rest of the ride in was pedestrian by my standards. Nevertheless, I still managed to work up a good sweat and feel good about myself. The action at the gym in the men's locker room was lively. Some old fart was yelling (and I do mean yelling) at two other dudes about social security and the current debt crisis. Of course, as is typical with old men in the gym, this whole shouting match was taking place less than an arm's length apart, in the nude, old balls all hangin down to their knees, just gross. Maybe if all political debates took place with old naked men shouting at each other, things would get done more quickly....who knows!

I'm glad its the weekend because my nutrition and exercise routine is kind of starting to wear on me. When I did some research last night on my Internet machine, the mighty world wide web told me that I need to 'spice it up' or 'mix things up' or 'make a change' so this weekend, I'm going to figure out some different stuff to do so I can keep meself motivated and continue full steam ahead on my quest to be Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male.

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