Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 26: Exercising Family Style

I got my ass outta bed this morning and was in no mood whatsoever to exercise. After having a cup of coffee and dropping a deuce that will live in legend and folklore forever, I settled into a comfortable chair to check fantasy baseball, waste time on Facebook, and convince myself that I had exercised enough this week.

Lucky for me, my youngest daughter wasn't about to let her old man puss out on his Saturday run. Within ten minutes of me starting my slow slide into a slothful, exercise free Saturday, my kid was out of bed and telling me she wanted to ride her bike while I ran. I took my daughter's smiling face and sparkling eyes as a sign that I should get up, put m'shoes on, and take to the trail. The video above is my pre-run pep talk

Here we are at the half way point. I'm pretty sure my hart rate was at about 372bpm. My daughter was still raring to go and there was no backing out now since I still had to run my ass back. I was feeling good. As a side note, check out the old lady who's wearing Hulk hands who comes walking into the shot. Strange!

After 45 minutes, we made it home. Here's the kiddo's take on my run and her ride. Let me tell you something, I feel embarrassed to say I'm proud of myself for running behind a six year old girl on a bike for 45 minutes, but that little nugget can ride! Sweet mother of crap, towards the end, I kept having to tell her to slow the hell down so I could catch up! Ultimately, going for a run with my kid was awesome. It really broke up the monotony of my workouts, we got to bond, and I got my exercise in before I had a chance to talk myself out of it. Quest for Thunderlips The Ultimate Male is alive and well!

As a side note, if you're a single guy out there and you want to meet some ladies, go for a run with a cute little six year old girl riding her girlie bike in front of you...apparently chicks SERIOUSLY dig that.

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