Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 5: The Weekend is Upon Me!

Did you get your tickets to the gun show??? Hell yeah baby, check out them pipes! Ok, yeah, I realize this photo is actually a shot of a guy with a huge panza showing off his pit hair and doughy arms, but think about this photo four months from now! Heelllllloooooo ladies!

The above photo was taken this morning after my massive leg workout at the gym (actually it wasn't that massive because my legs are still a bit sore). I arrived home to find the wife had prepared one of my favorite healthy breakfast dishes...flaxcakes. The flaxcake is not necessarily a replacement for pancakes but its pancake like and actually very delicious. I've even had flaxcakes when I was throwing caution to the wind and not watching what I ate in the least bit. Flaxcakes are awesome, and best of all, they're extremely healthy. If, for just a moment, you can take our eyes off my massive, rippling bicep and focus on the meal I'm holding in my hand, you will see what looks like pancakes and ham. However, this 'pancakes and ham' meal is flaxcakes and Canadian bacon with half a peach. In addition to being yummo and healthy, this meal is packed with very little fat and a whopping 47 grams of protein and seven grams of dietary fiber. It's a great meal to have after weight training and before you want to take a gigantic shit.

Want the recipe? No, I shant give it to you. I've been asked a lot about the food dealio and the plan I'm trying to loosely follow is based on a plan I was given by a nutritionist two years ago and rather than go into detail about the tricks of her trade (I lost over 50 lbs in four months and was lookin fit and good under her instruction), I'll just refer you to her out of respect for her business. Besides, she goes waaaaaay into great detail and personalizes plans for people.

If you're wondering why I'm not seeing said nutritionist again if I had such great results the last time, it's because the more in shape I got, the more she kept flirting with me, calling me at home, making naughty comments, etc. Kidding, I'm not seeing her again just yet for two reasons. Reason #1: It's not cheap...which is probably why it works so good. Reason #2: I'm embarrassed that she got my arse in great shape and now I've just gone and ruined it all!!! Maybe I'll give her a call after a month or so of being awesome.
Here's her name and number so you can call her if you want all the recipes, vitamins, encouragement, nagging, and ultimately...results. I highly recommend her.

Sarah Leaf - 949.285.0987

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