Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4: Nighttime Edition

Burgers anyone? Lookin at the above photo, one could easily assume that I threw in the towel on Friday and just went for it...well one could assume that but one would be dead f*cking wrong. I was a rock on Friday and I'm damn proud of it. My food intake...perfect (except for a couple of small indulgences), my workout...intense and powerful just like my farts. I'm feeling good folks, feeling good.

Sunday I will post my weight gain or loss stats for the week because that's how they do it on shows about fat people trying to not be fat. However, if you want a little teaser of how I'm doing, just know that yesterday at the gym, I was able to wrap one of the rent-a-towels they have around my waste and have it stay up on its own for the first time in months. Yeeeeeehaw!!!

One side note on the gym. I've been riding the ol bike in and working out so that means I've been leaving stuff in my locker for the sake of convenience. Yesterday when I opened my locker, the air that came forth was shocking and awful. When I opened the locker door, it was like the scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' where they open the Ark and these things fly around and everyone's face melts. Needless to say, I've cleaned out the locker for the weekend to air it out.

Exercise -

Weights - Biceps, Back, Shoulders

15 min of intense ab work, compliments of Mark (thankfully he wasn't vegan on this day)

Food -

Egg white omelet with Canadian bacon and onion

Slice of Trader Joe's turkey meatloaf with a green salad featuring sliced turkey breast, onion, avocado

18 organic almonds (ten in the am, eight in the afternoon)

4% Trader Joe's extra lean ground beef with a small slice of Swiss cheese, cauliflower mash and broccoli

Three glasses of wine, five cherries, and six cheddar goldfish crackers (that was my Friday night party)

Side note about the wine and goldfish: My 'normal' Friday night routine had become at least a bottle of wine, some cookies, a full sleeve of saltine crackers, and probably some cheese so the above portions are a HUGE reduction from before.

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