Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 9: Food For Thought

I'm still up to my nuggets in work so I thought I'd plagerize someone else's stuff. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to get a workout in at Advanced Athlete Strength Training in Seattle, WA with a friend of a friend. There I met (and was abused by) the owner, Dan Potts (seen'll note that most guys in their 50's don't have pipes like that). Dan is a phenominal trainer, world class storyteller, and a great guy. For an hour he ran my ass into the ground. When you go to Dan's gym, you don't see people reading magazines on a fancy electronic stairmaster, you see guys working on regular old equipment, sweating their nads off, and getting healthy (I'm not kidding when I say he works you hard). Since then, Dan and I have stayed in contact and I ask him some questions about health and fitness issues from time to time. When I dropped four pounds after my first day of Quest for Thunderlips The Ultimate Male, I emailed Dan and asked him what he thought about that, if it was healthy, if it was possible, etc. Here is his very insightful reply:

What you experienced is not only possible but very probable. What you experienced was a release of stored fluid, toxins, and fuel that had not been eliminated yet. For someone your size it's common to have a 2-5 lb swing "overnight"due to the body trying to get "clean" and move some toxins and waste products out of the body. That's what your water helped to do....Detoxify!! Pretty good huh? The human body is really forgiving and justs wants to detox and run clean. Now, you're not going to hit those numbers everyday or....every week, and you will plateau as the body figures out what's going on and tries to hang on to some weight, but that usually does not happen until the last 30% needs to go. In the meantime, eat as clean as you can and a volume that makes sense for energy and know it's for the "Long Haul" and do workouts that will allow you to still be working out 10 years from now and not run the risk of "burning out". The food plan on a daily basis is everything. You have to be smart not compulsive, dedicated but not compulsed. Learning and feeling the health of your body emerging and embracing that Healthy Lifestyle is the Key. You can even start to recognize the kind of "Energy" that companies put into the food they sell us. Think about how Bad the energy level is in a Boxed frozen pizza. The intent and energy of the company and it's work force is so bad that no good nutrients can be present in their products. Care enough about yourself that you try and surround yourself with companies andfarmers who actually put good energy into the soil and into their animals and products. When you start looking at it like that, you'll start to recognize those people who have the ability to partner with you in creating and sustaining a healthier You, and you'll be less inclined to give your money, body and energy to those companies who care not what they create for this vital thing called "Your Life". Be particular, be can do it. I'll help anyway I can. Take care, you're doing great and happy for you!

Dan PottsAdvanced Athlete, LLC

Great email from a great dude. If you're up in Seattle, I highly recommend Dan's services.

Advanced Athlete Strength Training

Dan Potts

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