Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Something: Falling Down On The Job

I was attending a very important training today (important because it was mandatory) and I got a feisty email out of the blue from one of my legions of fans (brother) calling me out and saying I was falling down on the job and needed to do another post on the Gut Chronicles. While this attack was unprovoked and cruel, I have to admit it was true. You see, over the past week or so, I've been a rank slacker who indulged in good food and drink and haven't had the nerve to act like I was even worthy of trying to be Thunderlips so I haven't had much to say...that is, until this week! This week I took to the SART again and have been a monster in the gym. Yes, my noctournal eating habits have left something to be desired, but I got on the scale today and realized that in spite of all the travel, food, and being a bad boy in general, my workouts have made it so there has been no significant weight gain! YEAAAHOOO....The dream is still alive baby! Long story short, since I swiped my daughter's iTouch today so I could be inspired on my ride to the calming sounds of Hole, Paramore, and the Foo Fighters, I managed to put together a little footage on my ride home. Enjoy As I rode along, I realized I needed to man up and give the fans what they want which is danger and excitement so I risked life and limb for this clip Here we have a more tranquil section of the SART. Sorry for the poor camera work, I was trying to run video and not look like a dork at the same time Here are two clips of me at the only intersection I have to cross on my ride. Why is this interesting you ask? Well, other than me nearly hitting someone in a mobility chair, its not that interesting. What am I, Cecil B Demille or something? On the final leg of the journey.... Finally, home at last! I realize this blog entry could be so bad that blogs are outlawed by the government, but I felt that I needed to get something up on the Gut Chronicles before there was no hope of me ever posting again! More to come!

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  1. I must say when I saw you Sunday the "Gut" was a mere shadow of its former self. Go Jono!