Sunday, September 4, 2011

Extended Family Hits the Trail!

What started out as a great workout and healthy eating day has taken a turn for the better.  My brother and his family decided to come down and hang out for the day.  First order of business was taking my niece and nephew for a ride on the trail that they've seen on several Gut Chronicles posts.  Me, being the greatest uncle ever, rode those little buggers into the ground.  Here we are at the halfway point of a seven mile ride down the Santiago Creek Trail.  A fine looking bunch if I do say so myself!

In addition to taking my bro and his kids for a ride, I managed to get my brother on video for an interview.  On the surface, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but my brother, a Hollywood guy for more than a decade, has this strange fear of being in front of the camera.  I managed to surprise my brother while he was reprograming my TV (something he does every time he comes to my house) and ask him what he thought of the ride and, to my surprise, he actually responded.  Feast your eyes ladies....

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