Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 58: The Early Bird Gets the Burn!!!!

I'd like to start by apologizing for the rank lameness of the above header. Sounds like some dumb chick talking to her frieds over text messaging. I was going to change it but I decided not to because the stupidity of 'The Early Bird Gets the Burn' makes me laugh. So lame.

Enough about the header, on to me. I'm feeling proud of myself this morning. I got out of bed, did my normal 45 min of scratching and farting, and then settled in to do absolutely nothing. I quickly realized that, even though it was 6:52am, it was now or never for working out. I knew that if I didn't get to it asap, the workout was not going to happen. So, I quickly threw on my workout duds and headed to the gym where I completed a massive upper body extravaganza that set records in 24 states. I've gotta admit, during my warm-up, I was not pleased to be doing anything physical as the below video clearly indicates....

In spite of my reluctance to work out, I pressed on and actually made it happen in a big way. Here's me, in the G35 with sport tuned suspension, feeling large and in charge after my workout. For the record, at this point, I hadn't shaved in three days. Sooner or later I should hit puberty.

They say that to be successful in a fitness/weight loss effort, you have to have a good support system in place. Part of my support system is The Spousal Unit back at home. Lucky for me, when I got home, The Spousal Unit had a mega healthy breakfast waiting for me. Here she is, in a rare on camera apperance, explaining some of the health benefits of my breakfast. If you're wondering why I'm only showing her face, its because she was wearing sexy lingerie that had the guns of Navarone on full display, and since this isn't one of those filthy p0rn sites where they show girls letting guys put their thingies in their doo-dads, I won't show such things. This is a professional site about fitness and weightloss for crap's sake! I want to be taken seriously.

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