Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Big Challenge!

 I was supposed to do a run today but I wasn't feeling it plus I could hear Serena calling me from the garage so I suited up and hopped on the bike for a high speed run down the Santiago Creek Trail.  Unfortunately for me, even though it was early in the am, the trail was, once again, loaded with people who choose to walk slow on the bike trail and block the whole mother scratching thing.  Henceforth, I will refer to these people as 'Shamblers'.  Much like the shambler style zombies pictured above, these cretins of the trail wander aimlessly at very low speeds, without a thought in their head, just looking to destroy.  Shamblers are totally annoying and since, according to my internet machine, the only way to get rid of a shambler is by massive trauma to the head (can't go around doing that...), I just have to live with them.

The photo below shows real life classic shamblers on the Santiago Creek Trail.  Just check those dipshits out, taking up all available space like they own the fucking thing.  The shambler on the right asked me to let them know which side I'm going to pass on next time so they'll know which way to move.  I felt like saying "Hey dumbass, there is no side, you're taking the whole fucking trail up with granny and the dog!  How about if you stay to the right of the dotted line like any normal human being and I'll pass on the left!"  Whores.  As a side note, I wasn't really prepared to take this photo and as a result, granny there almost got an unexpected delivery to her back door.  It was a close call but I survived.

Its tough to see in this photo because I didn't want Sergeant Dickowitz here to shoot me, but there's an archery range on the Santiago Creek Trail.  Sgt. Dickowitz was in full cammo just fine tuning his archery skills, preparing for the coming apocalypse.

OK dammit, here we go.  I can't avoid it anymore.  I told some guys at work that I was going to see how many push-ups I can do and put it on the blog.  When I chickened out on said challenge last week I got called out so after my ride this am, I recorded my consecutive push-up try.  I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself because I really didn't think I could do more than fifteen or so.  So suck on that people!

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