Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Off My SART You Lousy Kids!

Since today was Sunday and I wanted to take it easy on the exercise but I didn't want to do absolutely nothing, I decided to take the kids on the SART for the first time. We did about an hour total ride for a little daddy/daughters bonding. I figured hey...better than nothing right? Here's the young'uns, on their first trip over the wooden bridge on the world famous sight. The urban blight was overwhelming, strange, and mysterious to them.

After the majority of our ride, I took the kids to an elementary school that looks like its all locked up but always has a side gate open so we get the playground all to ourselves. My oldest daughter still thinks she's getting away with murder when we ride our bikes through the halls. Here we are trying to get a little extra exercise in. Pretty sure I damaged my hammy on this one. How does one blow a hammy whilst trying (unsuccessfully) to do a pull-up? I have absolutely no clue but I think I did.

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