Thursday, October 20, 2011

Considering Running My Arse Off

So I went to the gym today and hit the treadmill for some cardio.  It got me thinking that I'm seriously considering running the Surf City Half Marathon in Feb.  I realized that it was only a little over a year ago that I ran the OC Half Marathon and finished in under two hours (pictured above).  One one hand, training and running in a half marathon is excellent exercise and you can't help but shed some pounds.  On the other hand, training for a half marathon is three months of hard as f*ck exercise that gets progressively worse and worse and worse.  The chafing you get on your asscrack is off the charts, the sore muscles are crazy, the little nagging tweaks and injuries you pick up while training suck, and then it all ends and you feel great for about two hours after the half marathon until you realize that nobody else gives a flying sack of f*cks that you accomplished something.
But I'm definetely considering it....
ps.  As you can see, that photo isn't me running a half marathon, its a grizzly bear running through a river.  The reason I didn't post the pics of me running my halfer is because I'm computer illiterate and the gol durn photo site that tries to sell you the photos has some blocker thingie so you can't just do the ol'right click and save move.  If you want to see the real photos on the photo site, and they are highly impressive, just follow this link:

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