Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Gym Action

So I went to the gym at lunch today to work on 'the temple'.  I was in the free weight room doing an epic lower body workout...the quads were bulging and the hammies were straining under the massive amounts of weight I was lifting (this was from me just standing up).  Seriously, I was really putting in my time and making it happen in there.  Towards the end of the workout, when I was putting that extra work in that will make it so it hurts for me to do simple things like stand up or sit on the toilet for the next two days, when I really needed that extra inspriation that only good old fashioned hard crunching metal can give you, that was when the music doohickey suddenly changed and I heard something that caused every dude in the weight room to look at the speakers in shock and horror.  Some dumbass who controls what music is piped into the fitness center decided that it was a great time to play Simon and Garfunkle's '59th Street Bridge Song' (aka 'Feelin Groovy).
Who the hell would ever put that crap on to be played in a gym when people are trying to get inspired to work out harder?  I think it was a combo of the massive amounts of testosterone that my body produces and my anger at the stupidity of that song choice, but at that moment, I wanted to find the person responsible for this musical transgression and give them one of those badass David Lee Roth style flying kicks (pictured above) right in their nuts (or lady parts depending on the gender of said individual)!  I'm surrounded by goobers and morons!


  1. Yeah, man. In moments like that there are certain kinds of songs that require play and certain songs that shouldn't be within 100 miles of the gym. When you're pushing out the last set, any of the following would be acceptable: EYE OF THE TIGER, CRAZY TRAIN, ENTER SANDMAN, BACK IN BLACK, and the theme from ROCKY.

  2. You need to update your catalog sir, but yes, those are worthy songs