Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running Man

I have not yet signed up for the half marathon but training has begun and I've lost two pounds in the last two days and really haven't even been eating all that healthy.  I'm following the training program of the great Hal Higdon (above).  When I look at the photo of this old fart, I kind of wonder if he really knows what he's talking about but I've done it before and it worked so it should work again.
Why have I not signed up you ask?
First, I don't have anyone else committed to doing this thing.  Last thing I want is to be all Han Solo with the race training.  Second, training for a long race is painful, boring, and lonely.  Third, its cold and I'm a huge pussy when it comes to cold weather.  Finally, I don't feel supremely motivated yet.
So as I sit here, eating my egg white omelet and holding back the massive growler that needs to come out of me very soon, I'm thinking about it...thinking about putting my $110 down right now so I'm signed up for this baby.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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