Friday, November 25, 2011

So its the day after Thanksgiving and shit just isn't adding up, not one single bit.  First off, I gained weight all week in spite of working out and following Hal Higdon's fucking half marathon training program.  So, I figured for Thanksgiving, and today...and probably tomorrow, I should just blow off training and any hope of eating right and deal with it later.  Now before I tell you what happened, let's have a brief rundown of the last couple of days:

  • Yesterday, I ate like a pig all day long.  Do not judge me, I am an American and its my right.  I probably overdid it a tad when I was watching Texas beat A&M (Hook'em) and, in my wine addled state, I decided I needed a little bit o' Thanksgiving leftovers.  I went into the kitchen with the intention of grabbin some turkey out of the fridge and having a bite, but when things got going, I made something magnificent that I called 'The Gobbler Cobbler'.  The Gobbler Cobbler is a giant bed of mashed potatoes, a huge helping of stuffing, a large layer of that green bean casserole stuff, all covered in gravy.  The Gobbler Cobbler was probably a good 4,000 extra calories.
  • This morning, I was setting up Christmas lights outside my house when I realized someone had knifed the front and rear tires on the left side of my car, this sent me into a blind rage so as soon as I dropped the car off at the tire place and ran my credit card for $771, I immediately went next door to Del Taco and had a Del Combo burrito meal with an extra taco (if you're not familiar with Del Taco, go to this link so you can understand the magnitude of what I ate:
  • After my run in with Del Taco, I got home, watched some football, and drank some wine.
Upon reading my last two days of no exercise and outright gluttony, I'm sure you can imagine what the scale read when I hopped on before my first shower in two days.  Well, whatever you imagined was wrong because somehow I lost weight.  What the hell?  Who knows.  Maybe a steady diet of Del Taco and Gobbler Cobbler is all I need to achieve my fitness and nutrition goal.  Maybe I'm going about this all the wrong way.

ps.  I tried to post a photo of Del Taco but when I googled images, all it was was logos and photos of dumbasses eating at Del Taco.  Since the Del Taco image search didn't yield any results, I googled "Hot Mexican" because that's roughly the same thing as Del Taco and the above photo is what I picked. 

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