Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting Into The Groove...

No, that is not the poster child for some new charity dealing with people who have massive heads, its me, after my three mile run this am.  I'm beginning to feel good about this half marathon thing.  With the help of my trusty glide stick, I no longer feel like someone took a power sander to my crotch, my pace is getting better, and I don't feel like I'm going to stroke out midway through my run.  Tomorrow is a six miler so that will be the true test of my progress.

On another good note, in spite of being a piggy all week, I managed to drop a couple of pounds that I had gained so I'm in a good space mentally (better start drinking immediately to cure that good feeling).

So lets run through this morning's checklist:

  • Balls and asscrack - no longer chaffed and in good shape
  • Ingrown hair on inner thigh - almost gone
  • Gas - intense, frequent, and rancid.  Need to do something about that
  • Stamina - getting better
  • Weight - still portly but screw it, it was a vacation week
  • Pride and/or dignity - non existent
That should do it, below is a shot of my cute little pace riders this am.  They always help me get through it.

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