Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Another day, another airport breakfast. I'm trying to go healthy with the eating again for the 800th time and here's my nutritious breakfast. Coffee that's hotter than the surface of the sun, water, and a fruit salad made for Starbucks by HMS Host in Maryland. Since HMS host is a huge multinational giant, my 'salad of seasonal fruits' is probably made from produce picked by eight year olds in Chile and the Philipines and then hand packed with love by political prisoners in China and ultimately shipped across the Pacific where I can enjoy it in an airport. Man, life is f@cking good brother!  Life is good.  One small concern is that one of the ingredients listed is 'Strawberries vers 2.0'. What the f@ck is the vers 2.0 part?  Am I eating a strawberry genetically altered with lizard fetus or something?  At least its healthy....

**sidenote:  Ever notice how the music at every Starbucks sounds like something you'd hear at a bowling alley at 3:18am on a Tuesday?  So depressing and bad.

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