Friday, January 13, 2012

Back on the Bike Commute!

It was just after dawn when I hopped on the newly modified Serena with lights and started my ride to work.  The moon was still high in the western sky but the sun was rising in the was a cool, crisp morning but it was good to get back on the bike commute to work.

The ride on the SART was kind of eerie.  There was a lot more eye contact with the few people I saw on the trail and you could tell there was some general tension with the denizens of the SART due to the serial killer still at large.  As I passed under all the bridges on my ride, I noticed nothing but emptiness where dozens of hobo condos used to be, people are clearly worried for their safety.  I read this morning that the local homeless shelters have seen a huge increase in traffic and many are reporting its due to the killer on the loose.  By and large, the SART was empty...

In spite of the fact that a killer is roaming the area, it was great to get back on the road though.  Tonight is the big night for testing the new lights, hopefully its bright enough so I don't have to ride three mph!  Speaking of killers, when I passed by the pool at the gym this morning I noticed quite a few people swimming laps so I blasted a mighty spirulina fart and just kept walking.  It amused me to think that maybe some poor sap came up for air, took a huge deep breath, and inhaled my powerful essence.  Hell, inhaling one of my farts is probably the healthiest thing those folks have eaten all week!

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